Deep Dive #106 – Chinatown – Season 5 Episode 17

With Matty G making another successful trip around the sun, he decided to use his golden ticket on a film that celebrated its 50th anniversary this year – Chinatown! Join us as Jack acts as our tour guide around 1930s LA, as he attempts to untangle web after web of deceit.  Also, where did he develop his affinity for Venetian blinds?  And why does he hate pocket watches so much?!  Find out with the captains in this deep dive of a neo-noir classic!

Starring – Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway, John Huston
Director – Roman Polanski
Screenplay – Robert Towne
Music – Jerry Goldsmith
Cinematography – John A. Alonzo
Editor – Sam O’Steen


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