The Deep Dive

The flagship episode of the Too Many Captains Podcast.  We thoroughly lay out information about the making of the film as well as our past and current experience with the film.  Narrative structure, deeper meaning, social context, and the compositional elements are discussed which lead to our final conclusions and proprietary rating system.  Released Bi-Weekly

The Captain’s Log

A mini-sode where each member of the Too Many Captains podcast presents a bit of movie news that is important to them and then allows for anyone else to weigh in.   Released Bi-Weekly.

The Watch Report

The Captains are always consuming new media and in this minisode tell you about something they encountered recently and want to recommend to each other and the audience.  Released Bi-Weekly

On the Horizon

The Captains each identify a movie that is coming out in the coming months that has peaked their interest.  In addition we will post the film trailer to our website so our fans can interact with our opinions as well.  Released Monthly.

I’m the Captain Now

Too Many Captains presents an interview show between our Researcher and resident wildcard, Johnny Dangerous and a person who will reveal an intimate portrait of their cinematic taste.

Digital v. Physical

Presented by our executive producer, $$$ Chris.  In these minis he outlines the differences and similarities between the two major media formats and how they actually impact your viewing experience.

Floating Downstream

Presented by our Sound Engineer, Matt.  In these minis he talks about everything new in the world of digital content and the various ways it is accessed today.

Another Round

Is a segment where each member picks an existing film and pitches a continuation of the story.  Then the group determines if it is an idea that Hollywood should get behind.

The Capty’s

An annual awards show where we take The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nominees in a few select categories and vote by secret ballot to determine our own winners.

The Best of …

A minisode where the Captains talk about an era of film and nominate pictures which have dominated that time period.

First Takes

The members who have seen a recent release do a quick breakdown and give their opinions on the film to help you make the decision on heading to the local cineplex, waiting for it on home release, or avoiding it all together.

Soundtracks & Tuneage

Welcome to Soundtracks and Tunage with our executive Musical Director,  Matty G. Tune in as he provides insight into the rhythms and melodies that accompany movies today.