What’s in the Box?!!! – Season 2: Episode 9

Episode Summary: This week the Box contains 2 popular returning minisodes. Up first is Walk the Plank where the Captains debate some polarizing issues. That is followed by What Are We Talking About…Halloween Movies. We are coming up on that spooky h

Unpopular Opinions Voiced Movie Theaters will never recover from the PandemicMovies are too long and Quibis aren’t long enoughPhysical Discs are going to disappearAll Aspect Ratios should be replaced by 2:1 – Univision
Halloween Movies: Beetlejuice (1988), The Blair Witch Project (1999), Trick r’ Treat (2007), Coraline (2009)
Website: @ItsaFilmPodcastInstagram: toomanycaptainsproductions

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